Photos by Tony Knox

From: Ernesto Sarezale < ernesto [at] sarezale dot com >
To: Giacomo Picca, draw_drawing_2
Cc: London Biennale 2006, Klub dADa, Lucia Cipriano, Fred, Liverpool Biennial 2006
Dates: July & October 2006
Location: London, Coniston, Liverpool
Subject: spamPO!

spamPO/spoetry/spam poetry is a type of neo-dadaist literature which appears in many spam emails in the form of nonsensical or seemingly random texts with the purpose of fooling anti-spam filters and concealing socially unacceptable adverts or target words such as "viagra", "mortgage", "porn", "erection", "Angelina Jolie nude", etc.

Recently I received, in a matter of minutes and from the same email address, over 1,500 messages containing such spam. When I emailed an American friend telling him about it, he replied: "i suppose you've never had the real spam; i had the misfortune of having to eat it occasionally when i was young; it has of course made me the man i am today....".

What type of spam is more difficult to digest?

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the term "spamPO" was stolen from mIEKAL aND