"portrait of the artist as a life model"
Ernesto Sarezale & Sina Shamsavari

“Portrait of the artist as a life model” is a live multimedia installation+performance, where the artist is a poet, a scriptwriter, a performer, a video director and, indeed, a model for a (faceless) visual artist who's trapped in a TV set. The model/artist is posing in the present for an artist who is not there (and actually drew him in the past). The HUMAN is, as a matter of fact, posing for the MACHINE. The piece explores issues of temporality, reality, memory and the role technology plays in our every day life and in the way we perceive ourselves and our bodies.

"Jealousy created a soul of skin"
The Secret Book of John


Friday 6 December 2007, Goldsmiths University
Launch of INTIMACY:
Across Visceral and Digital Performance


Tues 12-Sun 17 December 2006, The Foundry


Thursday, 6th July 2006
at the private view of


6-9pm, Synergy Gallery
at Synergy Centre
220 Farmers Road
London, SE5 0TW

The show continues:
7 to 31st July 2006
(everyday 12 to 8pm)