Régine Elliott

“Observer, Observed”


Friday 23rd April 2004

6:30pm – 9:00pm


You are invited to an evening of live performance

in Kingsgate Gallery

Starting at 6:30pm, Friday 23rd April

Six artists will perform in response to Régine Elliott’s latest solo show, “Observer, Observed”.


Charlotte Bernstein (British, video & performance artist)

“My work deals with aspects of ritualism and interactions whichexpose

(hidden)power struggles, the slippery places between such instances and the process of fragmentation or communication breakdown”.

“My performance, “I am“, in response to “Observer, Observed”,

highlights the fragmentation that may occur as a way of dealing with difficult, disempowering situations”.


Judith Bibby  (British, visual and performance artist) 

“My work is primarily concerned with the human body and the possibility of the healing process which takes place after trauma”.


“In “Honeyed-Arms” performance I use honey as symbolic of the healing process”.


Ricardo Gaete (Chiliean, mime artist) 

“Mime – Actor Corporal, I will be performing three of my own plays inspirited in the Corporal Mime of Etienne Decroux”, “Painter”, “Newspaper”, “Getsemani”, (Christ in the orchard of olives)”.


Deanna Johnson (British, stage performer artist)

“I am a stage performer with a particular interest in visual art and

devised work. I see the arts as the essential place in which to explore ideas and to make universal the individual experience”.


Ernesto Sarezale (Spanish poet)

“My performance poetry usually deals with the "queer body". In an

attempt to fathom the paradoxes and complexities of sexual intimacy, my work surveys pleasures, pains, metamorphoses inflicted on the flesh by sexual desire”. 


Katie Sollohub (British performance artist)  

“I live and work in Brighton. Recent work involves image, text

and performance.”

”Hand Writing" is a piece that unravels, word by word, written on the skin of each visitor’s hand”.


After the live performance and drinks, the audience will be invited to participate in an informal discussion to share ideas with the artists.


"Regine Elliott’s visual language is rooted in her female body, and the body's experience of its environmental space and time. It addresses issues of physical, psychological, sexual and verbal abuse during childhood and across cultures. Her research explores the effects of abuse such as loss of memory, split personality, the disconnection from her own and other emotion, pain, fear and a reconstructed, illusionary, safe floating space to satisfy the need of the abused. It explores the vacuum space, which is the only ungraspable safe environment.

She is questioning how such child abuse affects the political, social, cultural and religious abuse of adulthood."


Kingsgate gallery

110-116 kingsgate Road, London NW6 2JG

Gallery open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-6pm

By appointment @ 0781 84070 47

Exhibitions dates 2nd – 25th April 2004